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We've carefully wrapped up all the sourcing services in China that you need. Check below our three great packages on offer, select one to make an enquiry. Easy as that. Each package comes with a 12 month agreement. Importing from China is made easy with Found. Cutting through all the communication issues and reliability doubts with a solid partner on the ground in China will add profit to your bottom line. Spend more time with your customers and stop trying to decipher the world of manufacturing. Found are on the ground and ready to help you get your sourcing % importing moving.




  • Premium +
  • Product Sourcing x 7/Month
  • 1% Commission Cost
  • Senior Sourcing Consultant
  • Logistics Management
  • Online Tracking Tools
  • Full Supplier Transparency
  • ...and more



  • Professional +
  • Product Sourcing x 5/Month
  • Materials Inspection
  • Mid Production Inspection
  • Post Production Inspection
  • Quality Control Reporting
  • Loading Day Inspections
  • ...and more



  • Product Sourcing x 3/Month
  • Factory Visit Audits
  • Sample Manufacturing
  • Order Negotiation
  • Order Processing
  • Quality Control Planning
  •  Pre-Production Samples
  • ...and more



How it works?

Found Ltd. in Shanghai provides China sourcing services starting with finding manufacturers, feasibility studies, production inspections right through to producing, testing and shipping products. With a lot more going on in between we decided to wrap everything into three neat service packages (Advanced, Premium and Professional). Everyone's needs are different so we also provide an ala carte menu of sourcing services for those with only one or two specific requirements. So, I will leave it to yourself, browse the site, enquire about a package or service, download the wonderful new sourcing app or set up a call. Whatever works for you!

Here is a quick introduction to just some of the important sourcing services we offer. 


Sourcing Products

Where it all began for us and where it continually begins. Sourcing in China is a multi-layered discipline. Our professional sourcing services start at just 399 USD/year.



Supplier Audits

It's difficult to know what information to gather, check and trust in making your supplier decisions. Found is auditing suppliers and their information every day for clients allowing them make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing their supply partners. 


Factory Visits

An integral part of sourcing in China are factory visits. Wherever you need us to go, we just go with the minimum of fuss. This time is super important for clients and our team understands what you need from an audit type visit to production factory visits. 



Quality Inspections

Leave nothing to chance. Found offer a complete set of production and quality inspections. Covering right from samples to pre/mid/post production, final checks and loading inspections in China. Phew! That’s a lot but check it out.
Questions & Enquiries


China Product Sourcing App. 

FREE Download.

Welcome to Found China headquartered in Shanghai where we provide professional China sourcing services. Found is positioned tp start you on the best path and keep you there by utilizing all the experience we've gained over 20 years in China. We look forward to successfully growing your business.

John O' Grady General Manager, Found Ltd. China

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Need sourcing services in China?

If you are buying in China then you're going to need some support. Why not drop us your details and one of our sourcing professionals will contact you for a chat about how best we can help you. No time like the present. Here's the form.

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Found China Sourcing Services - FAQ

[fa icon="plus-square"] How do Found charge for services?

Found has 4 carefully prepared service packages to cater for clients various sourcing requirements. Each set of services are available multiple times over a 12 month period. Packages are billed once annually. 

You can also choose to purchase services ala carte i.e. one off just as you need them. This provides extra flexibility for our various clients and we are happy to provide on this basis. Found however does recommend packages for a more structured consistent approach to your sourcing activities in China. Here is a direct link to services page.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Is Found limited to any particular industry type?
No particular limit, we are capable across a wide variety of fields due to our extensive experience sourcing from China. Found actively employs skilled technical staff so we are looking at products from a functional angle more than just a cosmetic level. Of course if you are into rocket science we will hold our hand up, everyone has their weaknesses. Check out our non rocket science services page here.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Why is the Advanced package a lot more expensive?
There are 2 main reasons for this, the Advanced package gives you access to a sourcing professional with over 10 years experience in China to carefully mentor all your sourcing operations over a 12 month period. The package also provides direct access to 90-180 day trade credit finance which is easily availbable otherwise. This can be a game changer for your business. Send us an enquiry on the advanced package here.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How do I start working with Found?
Drop us an enquiry for any package or single service with your most convenient contact methods and details on the most ideal assistance we can provide. From there we'll walk you through how Found will work on your behalf and guide you through our payment process. Check out the services and packages again.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Does Found charge a commission on products?
Yes, this is a flat rate 6% from Premium upwards which is negotiable on orders of 250K USD +. Send us an enquiry on the Premium package here.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Do Found clients have account managers?

Yes most certainly, all our package clients have dedicated account managers who are on call for you throughout the life of your service agreement. We have excellent people accross the board but the higher your package level the more experienced your account manager will be. Let's talk, contact us.