Found offers a one stop shop for importing from China. From finding reliable Chinese suppliers to cheap shipping from China - we've got you covered.


Here is a list of the core China sourcing services at your disposal from Found China. 

 China is a great place to do business and can be rewarding IF you nail it. The issue being, it's not that simple to nail it...but you could. There are so many variables and what you think starting out will be pretty "easy" or "straighforward" turns out to be anything but and actually becomes all consuming of your time and energy.  Our natural bias accepted, you need to look at sourcing services in China provided by companies like Found as being a benefit to your bottom line.

No. 1 the cost is minimal compared with the value of your time, No. 2 is the increased security and insulation against potential problems of which there are many when importing from China. If you or your business could benefit from the experience and services offered by Found then check out our super competitive pricing. Also feel free to drop us an email with a question on sourcing from China or an enquiry related to the topic. We answer every single email, no matter what. 

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