Found has ability across broad ranges of products yet our core client base are mainly from 3 different business genres. All clients  are equally important to us. So in alphabetical order the people we jump out of bed to serve everyday are;


1. Amazon Sellers 

The online giant has become something of a phenomen in recent years that has increased the range of products and price competitiveness available to online shoppers. On the back end the most exciting thing is that Amazon FBA has offered a big opportunity. An opportinity for the ordinary Joe & Joan on the street to start their own online business that was previously only a pipe dream. 

Here are 3 quick stats about Amazon:

1. Four times as many make 1 Million USD on Amazon than on eBay. That is 16.7%.  A further 2.1% make 10 Million USD +.

2.  There are 2 Million and counting 3rd party sellers on Amazon.

3. Of those, 55% have a margin above 20%.

Who we serve...

Most of the 2M Amazon sellers are really marketers, in that they are taking products created by others such as Found's reliable suppliers in China, rebranding (private labelling) and positioning them on Amazon. The sellers remit is really to drive traffic and beat the competition to the sale. This is where Found offers immense benefit to our Amazon Seller clients. When a new client comes to us with the idea of importing from China to Amazon there are normally a few questions such as....

- How do I find reliable Chinese suppliers for Amazon?

- How do I ship from China to Amazon?

- How can I get my goods from China to Amazon the cheapest?

Found offers a one stop shop for Amazon sellers buying from China for Amazon. With over 20 years experience in China, we have a great network of private label suppliers from China for Amazon. Our clients benefit from attentive, professional service in the following areas.

- Reliable Product & Supplier Sourcing

- Sample Production & Delivery

- Fast Factory Lead times in China

- Logistics from China through US customs into Amazons FBA warehouses.

If the above is interesting to you simply email OR...hit this button now.

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2. Entrepreneurs - Start Ups

Not everyone wants or needs to go the Amazon route and many Found clients come from a different Entrepreneurial background. Often coming with ideas for a new product or twist on something. Goods that are "bulkier" that would not be effectively shipped by Amazon but not always. Plenty of clients want to define their own brand ex. the likes of Amazons and Ebays.  For us the drill is the same, to provide good quality, competitive products to enable our clients business succeed. 

If you are an Entreprenuer or starting your own business, feel free to get in touch with us. Simply ask a question or fire an enquiry at us. We reply to every single email. That's a promise. OR...hit this button now.

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3. Small - Medium Sized Enterprises

SME's keep the wheels of economies turning and most now are sourcing from China to some degree or other. With Found's SME clients we often start by saving costs within their business rather than looking for a silver bullet product to add to their exsiting range. There are often areas in existing products or consumable of a business where huge savings are made to increase the bottom line of SMEs importing from China. Being the trusted eyes and ears on the ground, Found's China Sourcing Services are designed to look after our clients interests.

Time is the most prized commodity of any person and in business that fact is accentuated. Why spend most of your time playing email ping pong with pespective suppliers of a product when you could and should be servicing exisiting customers. You should also be marketing with fresh and innovative ideas and information to new perspective customers.  Let Found's one stop shop for importing from China take care of your backend donkey work. Email know the drill.

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