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Smarter sourcing, better sourcing. Found.

20 Years experience on the ground in China.



Sourcing Products

Where it all began for us and where it continually begins. Sourcing in China is a multi-layered discipline. Our professional sourcing services start at just 399 USD/year.


Supplier Audits

It's difficult to know what information to gather, check and trust in making your supplier decisions. Found is auditing suppliers and their information every day for clients allowing them make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing their supply partners. 

Factory Visits

An integral part of sourcing in China are factory visits. Wherever you need us to go, we just go with the minimum of fuss. This time is super important for clients and our team understands what you need from an audit type visit to production factory visits. 

Quality Inspections

Leave nothing to chance. Found offer a complete set of production and quality inspections. Covering right from samples to pre/mid/post production, final checks and loading inspections in China. Phew! That’s a lot but check it out.



We formed Found because we believe in a truly global marketplace where the shopping mall is getting broader and the distances between people are smaller; we believe that there is a shift in procurement towards the personal, towards the specific and towards the direct; we believe that sourcing companies in China need to demonstrate more value than ever before; and we believe in a global business community.


Found brokers best fit deals between buyers and sellers; we help existing buyers increase profitability and we help entrepreneurs set up their own importing from China businesses. You can find out more about how our services work here but now I'd like you to meet some of our team.

Smarter sourcing, better sourcing. Found.





If you are buying in China then you're going to need some support. Why not drop us your details and one of our sourcing professionals will contact you for a chat about how best we can help you. No time like the present. Here's the form.


  • Premium +

  • Product Sourcing x 7/Month

  • 1% Commission Cost

  • Senior Sourcing Consultant

  • Logistics Management

  • Online Tracking Tools

  • Full Supplier Transparency

  • .....and more

  • Professional +

  • Product Sourcing x 5/Month

  • Materials Inspection

  • Mid Production Inspection

  • Post Production Inspection

  • Quality Control Reporting

  • Loading Day Inspections

  • ...and more

  • Product Sourcing x 3/Month

  • Factory Visit Audits

  • Sample Manufacturing

  • Order Negotiation

  • Order Processing

  • Quality Control Planning

  •  Pre-Production Samples

  • ...and more



Found offers a one stop shop for importing from China. From finding reliable Chinese suppliers to cheap shipping from China - we've got you covered.


Here is a list of the core China sourcing services at your disposal from Found China. 


​China is a great place to do business and can be rewarding IF you nail it. The issue being, it's not that simple to nail it...but you could. There are so many variables and what you think starting out will be pretty "easy" or "straighforward" turns out to be anything but and actually becomes all consuming of your time and energy.  


Our natural bias accepted, you need to look at sourcing services in China provided by companies like Found as being a benefit to your bottom line.

No. 1 the cost is minimal compared with the value of your time, No. 2 is the increased security and insulation against potential problems of which there are many when importing from China. If you or your business could benefit from the experience and services offered by Found then check out our super competitive pricing. Also feel free to drop us an email with a question on sourcing from China or an enquiry related to the topic.


We answer every single email, no matter what. 

Here is an even better way to leave your Questions & Enquiries to us. 


Smarter sourcing, better sourcing. Found.


We cover all major Air & Sea ports from China and can ship to your door anywhere in the world.  Agreements with strong and relaible global freight forwarders give us good pricing but more importantly great service. Found adds no margin to shipping costs, instead it's just part of our seamless China sourcing services.  


Found enables all parties to work together on a common goal to ensure safe, correct and speedy delivery of your products right to your door. In fact, you can request a shipping quotation right here.


What do you mean right to my door? 

Just provide us with your delivery address anywhere in the world and Found will arrange logistics, shipping and walk through customs for you, allowing goods to be delivered right to your door or warehouse or even your clients address. Whatever works for you.

  • Container Shipping for general cargo (Full containers and less than container loads). 

  • Air Freight.

  • Refrigerated Containers.

  • Awkward Size Cargo.

  • Special Cargo Projects (anything out of the ordinary, we have experience in some weird, wonderful and technically challenging operations). 

  • Shipping from China for Amazon (including preparation and delivery to Amazon warehouses).

  • Documentation Services.

  • Customs Clearance.

  • Inland Transportation.

  • International Couriers.



Found Ltd


We're always happy to chat about what we do, why, and how? Get in touch with us and start the conversation with one of the best sourcing companies in Shanghai about buying from China. Found provides some of the most complete sourcing services in China. 


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